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Manufacturing Indutries

Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Petrcchemicals, Pharma, Consumer Goods and Discreet Manufacturing Management Consulting

Mastering the skill of management of infrastructure, facilities, and equipment, we strive to offer world-class petrochemical management consulting solutions that shall help you conquer the chemical industry. Ranging from structural analysis, nondestructive examination, stress analysis, risk analysis, fracture mechanics, welding, corrosion, heat transfer, safety, reliability centered maintenance, and financial risk/economic analysis our petrochemical management solutions endeavor to provide asset management services through the likes of design, construction, and operational phase.

Oil & Gas

With fluctuating prices, renewable & alternative energy strategies for future, volatile geo-political situations and global trends in digitization, there are both opportunities and threats for this industry now and in future. The region being the most important source of World Oil & Gas supply, receives even more attention than before.​

Our experienced team can support you in in your feedstock sourcing and downstream integration strategies, in developing your price risk hedging strategy and tactics, in designing and implementing your downstream marketing, sales and operations process, in building an end-to-end integrated supply chain across the region and the World. We have huge experience in implementing major Greenfield petrochemical projects as well as in implementation of very specific logistics infrastructural projects for petrochemicals. We also can support in Big Data and Internet of Things initiatives related to the industry.


Chemical industry is in the midst of many changes that are accelerating due to environment factors, fluctuating oil prices, changing consumer demand, lower margins, innovations and new technologies. The region considers diversification into downstream chemical industry as a major move that will attract investors and generate employment for its young population. 

​Downstream development requires integrated, more complex and robust supply chain design and operation, which are not yet matured enough in the region. 

​Our experts have years of experience of working with mature, integrated and complex chemical supply chains and can support you in bringing right solutions to the region and to your company.

Consumer Goods

The region has a very young consumer population, with huge opportunities in this sector. However, the current economic challenges demand the industry to increase efficiency and productivity, in order to serve this demand profitably.

​Our team has worked with re-strategizing of the existing supply chain as well as created new consumer-driven supply chain from scratch. We helped companies to reach newer markets, where the logistics infrastructure and facilities are not so mature, and to operate there efficiently and profitably.


Region becomes a home for more and more sophisticated manufacturing activities including the most advanced ones. These manufacturing companies, while setting up the local operations in the Middle East, are facing global challenges and have to develop appropriate, state-of-the-art planning and execution processes in order to keep their competitive edge in a fast changing and globalizing World.

Our team includes World-class experts with huge experience in developing planning and controlling processes, scheduling tools, in supporting implementation of advanced planning tools for many large- and medium-size manufacturing companies in different industries ranging from manufacturing of industrial machinery to pharmaceuticals. Along with completing the project, we transfer knowledge to your operations managers helping them to master the new processes & systems and to become champions in operational excellence.

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