Public Sector

Ministries, Agencies & Regional Initiatives


Government Ministries

We support strategy development, economic studies, policy & procedure re-engineering and program management for various ministries including, but not limited to:

  1. Ministry of Economic & Planning / Strategy / Economy

  2. Ministry of Energy

  3. Ministry of Transport

  4. Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Government Agencies

We support strategy development, conduct feasibility studies, develop new initiatives, change management and provide interim management for various agencies related, but not limited to:

  1. ​Industrial City Development

  2. Industry Clusters

  3. Trade & Trade Facilitation

  4. Ports

  5. Customs

  6. Airports

  7. Road Transportation

  8. Rail


Regional Initiatives

We support regional institutions, develop framework for co-operation and collaboration, Economic studies, Policy & procedure development, Program Management, Change Management, Knowledge Development

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